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1Global Harm Reduction OverviewDr. Konstantinos Farsalinos
2Asia Harm Reduction OverviewProf. Tikki Pangestu
3Rethinking Nicotine: The Role of Public Health Law in Ending an EpidemicProf. David T. Sweanor J.D.
4United States Regulation of ENDSCarrie Wade
5Supporting the shift from smoking to harm reduced alternatives in New ZealandDr. Marewa Glover
6Updates of Japan in Tobacco Harm ReductionDr. Hiroya Kumamaru
7Risk Management in Korean Chemical IndustriesDr. Hyuckmyun Kwon
8The Application of Hierarchy of Control in Occupational Safety & HealthDr. Ng Yee Guan
9Harm Reduction in Hong KongDr. Chung Hin Willy Wong
10The Western Harm Reduction ExperienceDr. Grzegorz Król
11Tobacco Harm Reduction & Alternative Products in IndonesiaDr. Tri Budhi Baskara, S.Ked
12Harm reduction through occupational health services at the workplacesDr. Jong-Tae Park
13Introducing Alcohol Harm Reduction Policy into KoreaProf. Aeree Sohn
14Views from Harm Reduction on Addiction Treatment in KoreaKeun Ho Joe
15Introducing Tobacco Harm Reduction Policy into KoreaProf. Jae Wook Choi