About KHRA

The Korea Harm Reduction Association (KHRA) founded in 2018 to contribute to the improvement of public health by conducting research and promoting discussion surrounding policy measures concerned with preventing health hazards and their negative effects. Health-harm broadly covers practices and choices that can cause harm to one’s physical wellness, including but not limited to narcotics, alcohol, smoking, gaming, and obesity. 

We are concerned that the Korean government is implementing an unnecessarily rigid smoking-cessation policy that is converse to the philosophy of harm-reduction, which is to uphold the smoker's basic rights and gradually reduce the likelihood and degree of harm. At the base of the Korean government's stringent policy on smoking-cessation, are not only policy makers, but also domestic academia civic groups that demand a ban on smoking, irrelevant of its ramifications. Another major issue is that both cigarettes and harm-reduction products lack robust scientific research backing, leading to a scarcity of domestically-generated scientific literature.

Professor Okryun Moon
Korea Harm Reduction Association