Expert Opinion on Tobacco Harm Reduction

If new policies encourage harm reduced alternatives, the public health benefits can be unprecedented and even more so in Asian countries where smoking rates are high.

_ Prof. Achmad Syawqie, Indonesian Public Health Observer Foundation (Yayasan Pemerhati Kesehatan Publik) (2017)

If e-cigarettes or heated tobacco products are much less harmful than traditional cigarettes, it is incumbent on health authorities to not only allow their sale and consumption, but also to work towards eliminating traditional cigarettes and replacing them with less harmful substitutes.

_ Donald Low, Associate Dean and Associate Professor at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore (2017)

Clearly the traditional punitive and coercive strategies aiming to force smokers to quit are not working like they did in the past. New and innovative strategies are needed to kick start a decline in smoking rates once again_ supporting addicted smokers with harm-reduction treatments such as e-cigarettes_ could be a first step towards saving the lives of thousands of Australian smokers.

_ Colin Mendelsohn, Associate Professor at the School of Public Health and Community Medicine, University of New South Wales (2017)

_ with innovation around the availability of potentially less harmful tobacco products, we could reduce the risks for adults still seeking access to nicotine.

_ Scott Gottlieb, US FDA Commissioner (2018)

_We are committed to evidence-based policy making, so we aim to help people to quit smoking by permitting innovative technologies that minimize the risk of harm [and] maximize the availability of safer alternatives to smoking_

_ Public Health England (2018)