Harm Reduction Alliance PH (HARAP)is an association of diverse yet like-minded organizations with the goal of promoting, advocating and lobbying for harm reduction policies and strategies across different industries affecting several facets of human behavior.

Fundamentally, our focus is the importance of giving people options that can lessen the negative social and/or physical consequences associated with different human behaviors. Our mission is to educate society on harm reduction, and to promote and advocate for practical solutions that can contribute to the improvement of overall public health. We envision the integration of harm reduction as a strategy by legislators and the public alike, with the end of ensuring good health and a healthy environment.

“HARAP’s lead convenor is Prof. Ron Sison, a leading public health and epidemiology professor from the University of Santo Tomas. He, along with other members of the medical academe, have recognized the need to establish an organized group to further the cause of harm reduction in the country.”

Prof. Ron Christian Sison - Lead-convener of HARAP

For more information:https://harap.ph