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3rd Asia Harm Reduction Forum

Today, the Korean people are exposed to many harmful risks including obesity, drugs, alcohol, and smoking. Despite the interdisciplinary efforts by various institutions to eradicate those harmful elements in our society, those risks still remain a great threat to our people. Therefore, the Korea Harm Reduction Association (KHRA) wants to protect the public from health hazards and recommend proper treatment.


The Korea Harm Reduction Association (KHRA) founded in 2018 to contribute to the improvement of public health by conducting research and promoting discussion surrounding policy measures concerned with preventing health hazards and their negative effects. Health-harm broadly covers practices and choices that can cause harm to one’s physical wellness, including but not limited to narcotics, alcohol, smoking, gaming, and obesity.

Yayasan Pemerhati Kesehatan Publik Indonesia (Indonesian Public Health Observer Organization)  is an independent health organization who has a vision for increasing the public awareness of health problems in order to create a healthy public physically and spiritually through scientific studies, seminar and other research methods in order to make prevention and countermeasure of disease.